Just Between Friends - shop, sell, save, smart!


You are invited to be the leader of the savings band and shop the BIGGEST selection BEFORE we open to the public!

If you are a JBF seller, you are soooooo in! Plus, if you HELP at the sale, you not only earn more, you shop earlier!  We have BARTER  opportunities as well!  Scroll down to see more info on BARTERS.

We also welcome Foster, First Time, & Expecting Parents/Grandparents and Military Families to join us. Not in one of those groups? Not a problem. Check out the Prime Time Shopping option!

Tuesday, SEPT 11th

10a Team Leads & VIP Taggers Shop
11a Break Down Teams & ZoneTeams Shop
12p 15hr Helpers, Cashiers & Set Up Teams Shop
1p 10hr Helpers Shop
1:30p 5hr Helpers & Pick Up Team Shop
2p Consignors and Vendors Shop
3p Prime Time Shopping (must have ticket $15 on Eventbrite, $20 at door)

You may enter any time AFTER your assigned spot and come and go as you please! We will give you a wristband for re-entry.
Consignor and Team Member passes will be distributed at Drop Off

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to time and space constraints, we DO NOT allow children under the age of 12 to attend presale shopping times on Tuesday before 4pm. The only exception is for nursing infants under 12 months. Questions? Email Michelle VIPTagger@gmail.com


Tuesday, SEPT 11th Presale Continued...

4p Consignors Shop
5p Expecting Parents/Foster/Grandparents Shop (must have ticket)
6p Military Families and Teachers Shop (must have ticket)





VENDORS: Click HERE to sign-up for one of 12 vendor booths at our Spring Event. Put your business in front of hundreds of local families for one day, multiple days, or the whole week!

Businesses/products must be family/child-appropriate (no alcohol, drug, weapon or sex-related items). Just Between Friends reserves the right to accept or deny any service or product. JBF will limit certain vendor categories to avoid duplication, but more than one booth of the same type of merchandise is permitted (e.g. We will NOT accept two Mary Kay vendors, but we will accept a Mary Kay vendor and another vendor that sells similar products, but is not the same company). First come, first served. Please Click HERE to read the Vendor Contract BEFORE submitting your application and payment.


  • 09/11/2018 (Tue. 1:00pm - 9:00pm) $150.00
  • 09/12/2018 (Wed. 9:00am - 7:00pm) $150.00
  • 09/13/2018 (Thu. 9:00am - 7:00pm) $50.00
  • 09/14/2018 (Fri. 9:00am - 7:00pm) $50.00
  • 09/15/2018 (Sat. 9:00am - 7:00pm) $100.00
  • 09/16/2018 (Sun. 9:00am - 7:00pm) $100.00

You may reserve a booth for the ENTIRE EVENT for $500 (a $100 savings). To claim a booth for the week, please sign up for all 6 days. If there are no duplicate vendors confirmed ahead of you, you will be refunded the difference and assigned one booth for the duration of the event.


  • Booth Space: You will be assigned an 8' table and two chairs. You must provide your own tablecloth.
  • Electricity: Must be arranged in advance. Limited availability. Please contact Jeannie Wilcox with any electricity requests.

Steps For Reserving Your Vendor Booth Space:

  1. Read the Vendor Contract before purchasing vendor space.
  2. Click on the vendor registration link HERE and follow the instructions to complete your registration.
    NOTE: Vendor space must be staffed during all business hours!


For questions or concerns about Vendor Booths, please email Jeannie at jeanniemom@pacbell.net


BARTERS: Our "barter volunteers" keep our staff fed so they can better serve our customers! Barters are often a benefit for working parents and those that want to help but cannot find the time during the week of the sale. All barters earn a presale pass to shop at the helper presale. An additional 10% of consignor sales is also given for a total of 70% of consignor sales. Any expense incurred is the responsibility of the barter.

Click here to sign-up for one of our Barter Opportunities.

For questions or concerns about Bartering, please email Sheena at sheena.rock@gmail.com



Laura Staggs

P: 303-506-1643

Raising kids can be SO expensive.

Over the past 16 years of being involved with JBF my sons have both consigned and shopped the sales. This has been a HUGE help not only to our pocketbook, but also to their sense of style. They find the brands they want at ridiculously discounted prices and it doesn't break the bank!